Distribute for AECOAUTO

If you are a distributor that is interested in partnering with us , feel free to contact us. We will be in touch with you and guide you to be an AECOAUTO Distributor.



AECOAUTO is launching its distribution program to acquire selected partners to distribute electric automotives and other relative products.


We believe localization is the key to fast growth, hence hope to work closely with partners to develop market by leveraging partners' deep understanding in local markets and extensive customer base.


Once selected to be our partners, you will enjoy benefits listed below:

1.       First-hand car Information from China

2.      Get good quotes that are cheaper than fair market prices

3.      AECOAUTO will offer one-stop solution that includes purchase, outbound custom clearance, shipping(airfreigh, seafreight), spare parts procurement, charging station, management systems and etc.

4.      AECOAUTO will conduct online & offline promotions to gain more exposure for partners in due course

5.      Premium partners will have a chance to have certain cars shipped upfront by AECOAUTO and showcase in their stores

6.      AECOAUTO will work closely with partners and help them bid orders from local government bodies or other organizations.

7.     AECOAUTO will provide full support for projects such KD production, Solar power station, EV Charging station building and managements,

8.      Every year AECOAUTO will pick out partners and invite them over to China for deeper study and cooperation.

 Partners Onboarding

In order to become an AECOAUTO partner, you need to provide information for us to verify:

1.      Company Name:

2.      Nationality:

3.      Store Address:

4.      Annual Sales Volume:

5.      Main Car Categories to sell: (SUV, Pickup Truck, Bus, etc)

6.      Company Description

7.      Contact Name:

8.      Mobile/wechat/whatsapp:

9.      Email:


Once information is submitted and verified by us, we will contact you and send you a distribution agreement. After you sign, chop and send back to us, you will officially be a valid AECOAUTO Partner.


Being an AECOAUTO Partner, you will be obligated to do below things:

1.       AECOAUTO Partner should be printed on your storefront's signboard and should be noticeable

2.      Your staff should wear t-shirts that has AECOAUTO logo

3.      Prepare an AECOAUTO banner and take a group picture with the banner in front of your store so we can put it up on our website for store presentation

4.      For everyone that a partner sells, they need to take a picture with buyer and send to us for promotion, and partners can get 50 USD rebate


AECOAUTO will refer buyers to partners via its online & offline channels so buyers can buy from our partners. Moving forward, we will conduct offline advertisement to gain more exposure in due course.Purchase Price

Prices listed on AECOAUTO.com and other channels are suggested retail prices, and these prices are with FOB China, which means shipping cost and other additional costs are not included.


Before placing orders, partners will confirm with us again about price and availability. Once such information is confirmed, partners then transfer full amount of purchased products to AECOAUTO.


** Price and availability of certain cars may vary from time to time according to supply and deman, so confirming with AECOAUTO is needed before placing an order


After payment is confirmed, AECOAUTO will notify partners and start preparing purchased car within 2 weeks. Time to prepare cars will vary depending on car type. AECOAUTO will share such information before purchase.


The time that takes to ship cars from POL(port of loading) to POD(port of discharge) will be decided together by distance between POL and POD, shipping schedule from vessel owner, shipping method(RoRo, Bulk Vessel, etc). If any change is made, partners will be informed immediately. Shipping cost and other costs incurred will be borne by partners.


When cars arrive at POD, partners will be informed to handle custom clearance for the cars. All costs incurred will be borne by partners. Where to deliver cars to partners will be decided together by AECOAUTO and partners. Additional cost such as truckload will also be paid by partners.

 After Sale Service

Used cars are not eligible for after-sale service. Whereas new cars' after sale service will be provided by partners. AECOAUTO provide optional after-sale program seperately, under which AECOAUTO will pay full or partly of all the after-service cost. If purchase of spare parts is involved, AECOAUTO will handle that for partners.


If partners are found to have any behaviors that adversely affect distribution program, AECOAUTO will immediately terminate partnership without further notice. If for some reasons partners can not continue with partnerships, they are obligated to inform AECOAUTO a month earlier before quitting partnership.