Company Profile

Xiamen Aecoauto Technology Co., Ltd is a professional Chinese supplier of electric vehicles and charging systems, with an annual sales of over 100,000 vehicles worth more than US$2 billion.


Through the strategic partnership we have established with almost all Chinese electric vehicle makers and brands in the past ten years and more, we can provide hundreds of new energy vehicles with both premium quality and competitive price. Meanwhile, we can proffer one-stop solutions for software and hardware complete services, CKD SKD automotive, full build unit electric vehicle, Fast ev charger and Electric vehicle charging stations with different standards.

Our technical and purchasing team consists of experienced auto experts who are not only internationally exposed, but also have been engaged in the new energy industry for more than 15 years. Their expertise can support you in the new energy vehicle projects. Our aim is to help our customers to grow and prosper with us, thus achieving a win-win result. In past years, we have participated in the operation and management projects of EV charging stations, EV fleets and online ride-hailing vehicle services in many countries, especially those in South America, Middle East, Central Asia, and Europe.

Now, AECO has forged a new strategic partnership in the United States with e-Roll Corporation (https://e-rollcorp.com  ). e-Roll Corporation is our USA Importer and Distributor of All EV Cars, Products and Services, as well as our USA Director of Business Development. Based in the center of Beverly Hills, California – e-Roll Corporation is developing New Energy Projects with us – Including Large-Scale Solar Power Plants – leading the way to zero-carbon emissions for the planet, and a bright future.

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At present, we have reached strategic cooperation with more than 2000 types of new energy vehicles in China to sell their products overseas. We have obtained the sales authorization of more than 100 charging stations in China. Here you can get the most complete product information.


We can integrate car and charging pile one-stop solution for you, fit the solution can enable you to optimize the use of the relevant products you use.


Categories are complete so that we have accumulated a lot of experience,we will be more professional for you to choose your products,more professional service for you.


We not only have a large number of solid products, but also involve the software platform,which can better connect the grid,the internet of vehicles,the internet of things(charging pile).